IFS and Parenting with Frank Anderson, MD

From Tears to Transformation
1-Day Zoom Workshop

Friday, Nov. 6, 2020

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For all its joys, parenting is often a roller coaster of challenges. Even when parents are at the top of their game, the most routine curve balls—quarreling siblings, a child’s public meltdown, or a phone call from a teacher—can trigger unresolved shame, guilt, anger or disconnection in parents.

But the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach can help parents more fully:

  • Understand and heal their own wounds that their children inevitably evoke
  • More fully set healthy, non-controlling limits
  • Create a more nurturing family environment

As both a seasoned clinician and a parent who has been at the forefront of developing and adapting IFS for multiple settings, Frank Anderson, MD, can help you with parenting struggles. IFS helps parents get to the real root of the issues for them.

This daylong workshop is appropriate for parents and practitioners who support parents. You’ll get help through exploring attachment and parenting styles, and IFS interventions that Frank will share with you that really work to help heal the underlying parental trigger.

Join us for a day of exploring the foundations of Internal Family Systems as well as adapting and applying them to your life as a parent or to your work with parent clients. Learn to:

  • Talk to children about difficult subjects by using “part of me language,” which cultivates honesty, clarity, and calm within both the parent and the child.
  • Explore your or clients’ own reactive moments compassionately, allowing them to have empathy for their experience by exploring the positive intention of their inner parts with compassion, and respond to triggers with more empathy, using dialogues with inner parts
  • Co-parent in a way that’s supportive, collaborative, and leads to a fuller expression of mature selfhood
  • Recover from the inevitable moments when they “lose it” and take the necessary steps to repair with fuller awareness
  • Address mental health issues in teens from the parent’s Self-perspective.

Workshop Outline

  • Parent Coaching vs Parent Healing
  • Starting the Parenting Journey
  • The Spiritual Dimension
  • Family History: Legacy Gifts & Burdens
  • Parenting Styles & Attachment Styles & IFS
  • Our Reactive Moments
  • When Your Kids Become Your Perpetrator
  • Responsibility & Repair
  • Triggering Exercise
  • The Triggering Agreement
  • Direct Access Parenting
  • Parenting and Attachment
  • Parenting and the Brain
  • From Reactive to Responsive
  • The Parent Self
  • Parenting from Self
  • Unique Circumstances
  • Summary & Ending Exercise

Frank Anderson, MD, completed his residency and was a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is both a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociation and is passionate about teaching brain-based psychotherapy and integrating current neuroscience knowledge with the IFS model of therapy.

Dr. Anderson is a Lead Trainer at the IFS Institute with Richard Schwartz and maintains a long affiliation with, and trains for, Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Center. He serves as an advisor to the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP) and was the former chair and director of the Foundation for Self Leadership.

Dr. Anderson has lectured extensively on the Neurobiology of PTSD and Dissociation and wrote the chapter “’Who’s Taking What’–Connecting Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology and Internal Family Systems for Trauma” in “Internal Family Systems Therapy-New Dimensions.” He co-authored a chapter on “What IFS Brings to Trauma Treatment” in “Innovations and Elaborations in Internal Family Systems Therapy” and recently co-authored “Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual.”

Dr. Anderson maintains a private practice in Concord, MA.


Available for 6 CEUs toward IFS Certification &
Colorado professional development hours

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