Intro Weekend : Intimacy from the Inside Out Training

Toni Herbine-Blank

January 17-18 2020 | Denver, CO

10 am – 6 pm | $350

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Intro Weekend : Intimacy from the Inside Out Training

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Intro Weekend : Intimacy from the Inside Out Training

Intimacy from the Inside Out:   Integrating the Interpersonal and the Intrapsychic in Couples Therapy Using the Internal Family Systems Model

Toni Herbine-Blank will describe and demonstrate the Intimacy from the Inside Out© model of Couple’s therapy wherethe therapist invites exploration of each partner’s individual’s inner life and also supports couples in envisioning a lively dance that includes communicating well, repairing inevitable rupture, making room for the needs of both individuals as well as the needs of the relationship.  Using lecture, experience, and video demonstration, Toni will give offer participants the opportunity to learn and witness the model first hand.  

Introduction to Intimacy from the Inside Out Theory, Differentiation or Attachment: Learn to safely invite couples to change their focus on their partner as redeemer or wounder to exploring their feelings and responses from the Inside Out. Recognize how healthy differentiation is a path to deeper heartfelt connection.

Interrupting Conflictual and Repetitive Cycles of Interaction : Understand how the protective system in each person is in response to his or her deeper feelings and needs, and how these feelings unconsciously motivate behaviors. Learn ways to help couples break repetitive patterns that keep them feeling isolated and alone.

Courageous Communication: Explore why communicating well is so difficult but is the key getting needs met. Experience ways to help couples reach a state of optimal neural regulation, which is necessary to begin moving their conversations from content to process, from protection to vulnerability.

Who’s Afraid of Shame in Couples Therapy? : Counter transference in the consultation room. When you’re stuck, is it them or is it you? Learn how to navigate your own inner complexities and continue to hold your seat with highly reactive couples.

Intrapsychic Work in Couples Therapy: How to make individual work in couple’s therapy safe and effective. Wrap up, question and answer. Next steps.

Toni Herbine-Blank is a Senior Lead Trainer for The Center for Self -Leadership and developer of the Intimacy from the Inside Out curriculum for couple therapists. Toni has designed and written an 72 hour training curriculum for IFS therapists who want to learn to work with couples using her Intimacy from the Inside Out training.  Toni offers an advanced course, the application of IFS to Couples Therapy, in several cities across the country. She practices in Durango, Colorado, where she lives with her husband Jordan and a menagerie of animals. She is a dynamic, warm and down-to-earth presenter who leads trainings for therapists across the country.

Workshop outline:

A. Introduction to Intimacy from the Inside Out©

            1. Differentiation

            2. What makes IFS unique

            3. The integration of intrapsychic and interpersonal work with couples

C. Deepening beginning protocols:


            2. Communication

            3. Why individual work is a necessary and healing intervention

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will understand IFIO as a model of differentiation which leads to secure attachment
  • Participants will review and discuss 3 basic protocols in the use of IFIO for couples
  • Participants will learn about unblending and brain and techniques to support optimal regulation.